The Global Initiative For Drug Policy Reform


This table summarizes the main treaties that precede the 1961 UN Single Convention:

Title of LegislationDate of SigningLocation of SigningDate of Entry
International Opium Convention January, 1912The Hague, The NetherlandsJune, 1919
Agreement Concerning the Suppression of the Manufacture of, Internal Trade in, and Use of, Prepared OpiumFebruary, 1925Geneva, SwitzerlandJuly, 1926
International Opium ConventionFebruary, 1925Geneva, SwitzerlandSeptember, 1928
Convention for Limiting the Manufacture and regulating the Distribution of Narcotic DrugsJuly, 1931Geneva, SwitzerlandJuly, 1933
Agreement for the Control of Opium Smoking in the Far EastNovember, 1931Bangkok, ThailandApril, 1939
Convention for the Suppression of the Illicit Traffic in Dangerous Drugs
June, 1936
Geneva, SwitzerlandOctober, 1939
Lake Success Protocol (amending the above Agreements, Conventions and Protocols on Narcotic Drugs)December, 1946New York, USAMay, 1955
Paris Protocol (bringing under international control drugs outside the scope of the Convention of 13 July 1931 for limiting the manufacture and regulating the distribution of narcotic drugs, as amended by the Protocol signed at Lake Success)November, 1948Paris, FranceDecember, 1949
New York Opium Protocol (limiting and regulating the cultivation of the poppy plant, the production of, international wholesale trade in, and use of, opium)June, 1953New York, USAMarch, 1963