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GBL is produced in factories, often in China, as an alloy wheel cleaner. GBL is used as an alternative to GHB, which has been made illegal in most countries. It is a caustic liquid that can melt through plastic and the dosage is 1-2ml.


GBL is not controlled by any UN statutes, and is legal in the US, Canada and most of Europe. In the UK it is a Class C drug.

Medical Usage

GBL can be used in the treatment of narcolepsy.


Recreational Usage

GBL has been described as similar to both alcohol and ecstasy, reducing social inhibitions and creating euphoria. It can also act as an aphrodisiac. Some athletes and body-builders use GBL as it promotes release of growth hormone.


When combined with alcohol or other downers or taken in a large dose GBL can lead to unconsciousness, and when in the “GBL Coma” users can become completely unresponsive for hours. There is also the danger of breathing too little. GBL can cause damage to the internal organs if it is not diluted before use. GBL can be addictive.