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 There are several ways in which members of the public may get involved with the Global Initiative. If you have any specialist skills (professional experience in web design, marketing, graphic design, film making, etc.) and would like to volunteer your time, please email our office. Please note that the Beckley Foundation are not looking to hire new employees at this time, but if you feel you have an exceptional portfolio to offer, please email your CV to this address. You can greatly assist the Foundation and the Initiative by linking to the website through Facebook or Twitter, or clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

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If you are a representative of an NGO interested in collaboration, or if your NGO would be happy to be listed as a supporter, please email our office. It is important to build a network of organisations working towards a common cause, in order to maximise our reach and influence.

The list of NGOs who have already offered their support can be seen at the bottom of every page, and a summary of each organisation including links to their websites can be found here.

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We urge politicians to “have the courage to articulate publicly what many of them acknowledge privately: that the evidence overwhelmingly demonstrates that repressive strategies will not solve the drug problem, and that the war on drugs has not, and cannot, be won”, (Global Commission on Drugs Report).

The taboo on debate must be overcome, and it is time for our Governments to explore new policies based on scientific evidence.

If you are a politician and are looking to support the Initiative, or if you can offer a statement to be quoted for marketing purposes, please email our office.

One of the primary objectives of the Beckley Foundation’s Global Initiative for Drug Policy Reform is to maintain media coverage. This is in order to: 1) inform the public about the failings of current drug policy and about the possibilities of various alternative options; 2) break the taboo on debate and inspire leading figures in politics, law, medicine, academia, religion, etc., to speak out without fear of marginalisation and condemnation; and 3) reinforce the message that it is no longer sufficient for our governments to issue generic and superficial responses to calls for reform.

If you are a journalist and can help by writing a story, please email our office.